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See clearly through the smoke of accusation

When accused of a drug crime, the difference between a long stay in prison and your freedom often hangs on the skill, knowledge, and experience of your attorney. Don't let the police and prosecutors make an example out of you by calling Richard A. Cremer, PC at the first sign of trouble. Richard will help protect your rights and ensure that you receive the fairest, most impartial trial possible.

  • Drug possession

  • Medical marijuana prosecutions

  • Illegal possession of drug-making chemicals

  • Intent to distribute

Don't allow your rights to be denied

Your accusers have little regard for your well-being. That's why you need Richard A. Cremer, PC to champion your rights before the law. Schedule your consultation today.

Make sure your rights are given a full accounting

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  • Distribution, trafficking and smuggling

  • Growing or manufacturing narcotics

  • Prescription drug crimes