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Maintain your rights whatever the case may be

If you must stand before a judge, you want the most experienced and capable lawyer standing at your side. As a tenacious guardian of your rights, Richard A. Cremer, PC makes your freedom and

your rights the top priority.

You have rights, and it doesn't matter whether you are accused of jaywalking or murder. Richard A. Cremer, PC is licensed to practice in both State and Federal courts.

From drug possession, to medical marijuana prosecutions, we have that knowledge to get you the best outcome possible. We're part of the Norml Legal Committee.

Let us help ensure that you have the most advantageous opportunity to keep those parts of your marriage and parenthood you deserve and have a right to.

When it comes to criminal law, drug offenses, and family law, ensure your rights with the legal and committed representation of Richard A. Cremer, PC.

Innocent or guilty, you have rights to fight for

Don't allow your rights to be denied

Give yourself and your family a fighting chance

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